When I was young boy my father bought me a guitar. Sometime later my grandfather sat on it. Thus from this tangled mess of wood, glue and strings my rock n roll career was born; my fascination for the popular song; my deep disappointment with wanton acts of stupidity. I recovered. My precious guitar never did. I bought myself a new one this time hiding it away from assassination arses and spent my days practising. I formed a band with some friends. We acquired some instruments from school which taught me a valuable lesson; tambourines and flutes, does not a rock band make!

A few years later I lost two strings and woke up playing bass guitar in a new wave rock band “The Walking Wounded” for 8 years; bursting ears drums and wrecking Marshall stacks in any lawless venue from London to Copenhagen. This was a period of too much booze, too little sleep and an inadequate supply of chemicals. Great fun, something the modern day puritans will never understand. Let’s hope it stays that way.

By the early 90s, I secretly buried his fender precision bass guitar in an unmarked field somewhere outside Reading, and made my fingers bleed playing a six string acoustic guitar with violinist Rachel Sandon. We were known collectively as “The Saving Graces”. The growing London new acoustic scene was home from home. Small overcrowded rooms with strange exotic inhabitants, some wore hats, others wore your patience thin; characters all. Styles were swapped, new formats created. Once again this was great fun; but the call for pastures new was ever present.

In recent years I’ve been busy recording both new material and some back catalog in an effort to document as many of my 200 or so songs as possible. A number of different collections of songs are available here.Perfect Time Bomb, Skins of Steel and Child of Vulgar Tongue are primarily guitar based rock/pop songs.Birthright is largely made up of acoustic compositions.

The recent collection Ways of Escaping Everyday Life signifies a departure from my usual approach and method of writing. Whereas Sparkles consists of pop songs, some with a slight soul feel and influence. The newest addition is a collection of mainly piano songs entitled Cracked Horizon.

The songs you find here reflect different aspects of me. Sometimes I wake up in the morning and I want to write a song that kicks the hell of life. At other times I want to compose a lullaby that cheers and champions its mystery and beauty. Then there are also occasions when I’m just happy to write a mushy pop song.

I’ve always believed in the power of music to excite, to transform, to promote thought even. I make no apology for writing a diverse range of material or having such romantic notions. My songs reflect me and that’s how I am. Take it or leave it. I hope you stick around, return and recommend my music to others.Cheers!